Sightseeing around

The Dordogne is a chosen land of cultural tourism and nature. Whether you love history, family rides or food, you will find around the house La Fournière a multitude of activities.

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Numerous hiking trails and walks on foot. The GR4 runs right past the house.


The leisure of St Estèphe: lifeguard, beach, playground, fishing, fitness trail around the lake, visit the site of Roc Branlant.

Lascaux caves

The caves of Lascaux (70kms), Sarlat and the Dordogne valley.


Gallo-Roman baths Chassenon, visit the largest in Europe (30kms)
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Coeur de Lion Road

Richard coeur de Lion road and Chalus (25kms)

Oradour sur Glane

Oradour sur Glane, a village martyrdom of the Second World War (50kms)
Tourism office of Périgord

You’ll find more information on the official website of the tourism office of Périgord

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